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EA released "Madden 22" on August. 20. First-year players were challenged to Mut 22 coins guess their first scores. Have a look at the debut numbers of rookies.

Take Patriots first-round draft pick quarterback Mac Jones, for instance. When asked to take a shot at his rating for "Break Tackling" the Alabama player said that a score of 52 "would be amazing." It's a good thing, particularly with his actual rating of 26.

"Oh my God!" he said, laughing. "No way that you're trolling me. How many tackles have I actually broken before." The comments were made by a shrewd Jets receiver Elijah Moore who figured his "Change of Direction" would be a perfect 100. The truth is that he did not manage to reach the 100-mark, but he was close with a one-third of a 93. Moore asked, "Who is higher than me?" "'Cause 93 kinda low, like. I'm really not sure what I can do."

Asante Samuel Jr., Lockdown corner, considered that his speed may be a little higher judging from his cousin's reaction to him on the phone. But, "Ninety two speed. Yet, you're still moving. You're moving." Samuel's cousin said. "I'm extremely proud of you. It should have been about a 94, but aye you're to cheap Madden 22 coins the top every week."