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This isn't meant to be a proposal
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This isn't meant to be a proposal for a Guide on Sal's or OSRS gold any other thing. This is a rough sketch. It was a rough sketch that I thought I would share since it has helped me.

Here's an Template that will assist you in designing the "house of your dreams". The template was designed by me because I was unhappy by the layout of my house and how messy it was. Since I didn't think about placement when I first created my POH it was like a maze that I had to navigate to get into certain rooms. I deleted all of my rooms and then created this template to guide me in rebuilding it. My rooms are now exactly where I would like them to be in an efficient design.Template Runescape Poh Layout

The concept behind the template is that by knowing the correct amount of doors each space that the Construction skill provides and being able to visualize it on your screen on your computer or paper, you'll be able to design a more an appealing and effective design for buy RS gold your POH.