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WTB: MK2 Jetta Parts
« on: May 15, 20, 22:10 »
Hey all, long time no post...

Just got my hands on a nice clean mk2 8v Wolfsburg Jetta and shes of course missing some things ... not looking to pay top shelf price, but some parts I know arent cheap to begin with. What ever  :stupid: :lol:

-Full headliner trim with sunroof. I do not care if its without the liner as I mainly need the ceiling trim.
-Small Bumper set would be a nice find
-Rocker & Wheel arch plastic trims (Whole set preferred with all/most clips still ok)
-interested in a 268 or 270 TT cam for an 8v, believe it's a JH block w/ hydro lifters
-E-brake and Shift boot (mainly Ebrake)
-Full 16V ABA swap w/Trans (Diesel Trans would be ideal)
-Quad Square headlight grille
-Digifant 2 ECM
-Interested in 15" and 16" 4x100 Rims with tires or without
-New/light use coilovers
-MAF/PCV/O2 sensors

Or if you have other parts you're looking at selling it getting rid of, send me a PM. Been a long time without a VW and my old parts hoard has since vanished over the years.

Thanks all.
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