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Need parts for my 79 GTI
« on: Sep 14, 18, 08:55 »
Iím trying to find some of the last parts I need to really finish off my GTI.  Hereís a list of what Iím looking for:

Rear washer bottle bracket
new sunroof seal and spring retainer for right side
Black fender mount antenna. New preferred
Oil deflector for under the valve cover (Iíve only thrown out a dozen or so in my life 🤪)
Generic catch can to modify for my application
Euro front license plate bracket
C-clip for top of radiator to core support
Window under handle, with silver trim if possible
Diesel 5th fear to drop the rpms on the highway for better cruising!

If you have any of this stuff let me know, and Iíll take it off your hands
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