Author Topic: Clearing out garage - Need this Stuff gone 16v & aba parts  (Read 492 times)

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I have:

OBDI aba head /intake throttle body

9A 16V head intake and throttle body

Complete 1.8 ACC engine from an 97 golf CL  183K on it when I swapped it for an ABF.  Comes with engine harness and ECU.

02J 5spd trans from a diesel beetle has 02A shift tower.

Flywheel for and 02A/02J

Pictures here: [size=78%][/size]

for a price, I'm going to say $50 - MOTIVATED seller  :hi:

I would hate to toss some of this stuff into the recyclers, but it is just taking up space.

All parts are in NANAIMO
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Still got these parts? Interested and in vic


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Yup...  What are you looking for?
2006 A3 3.2 Quattro


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50$ for all? I'll be up this weekend. Pm me and ill send my number
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