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Mk4 Parts / Re: FS: MK4/1.8T Parts (Stoptech, Forge,034)
« Last post by VR666 on Today at 12:40 »
Brakes, DV and FMIC still available
Mk6 Parts / Re: MK6 GTI OEM Roof Rack and Accessories
« Last post by Tooly on Today at 12:37 »
If he doesn't my sister is selling a set of racks but she's in Nanaimo if you're not in a hurry.
Mk1 Dubz for Sale / Re: 1984 4 door Jetta
« Last post by 76rocco on Today at 07:16 »
Just got a fresh oil change, and transmission flush, and will be my daily driver until it’s sold
Hey guy I'm selling my kenwood double din car stereo that's brand new and still in the box
its also come with the sirius xm contention for all your satellite radio needs i also have the original receipt when I purchased it.  paid over $300 for it a few years back looking to get $230 for the lot thanks.
Mk6 Parts / Re: MK6 GTI OEM Roof Rack and Accessories
« Last post by Madmylo on Yesterday at 16:54 »
I know this is a year old... by any chance do you still have the rack?
4x100 Wheels / Anyone selling any BBS RS 4x100?
« Last post by WightMK2GTI on Yesterday at 14:26 »
Looking for genuine or reps?

Thanks in advance
Mk2 Parts / Re: Corrado G60 parts
« Last post by T~Roc on Oct 19, 19, 22:08 »
Thanks for the door handles.
Was great to meet ya!
Let's go boarding this season
Mk2 Parts / Re: Corrado Vr6 auto to manual.
« Last post by Technical.Experience on Oct 19, 19, 08:54 »
also look into getting a transmission from a newer VR6...O2J etc

if you search VW Vortex, you 'll see write ups of guys using the newer shifter assemblies in the corrado's with minor mods. If yoiu want to go all super pro, find the thread on the guys piecing the OEM bolt in parts from the newer Polo's i think that have the much better shift mechanism but still bolts in 100% to the corrado

Thanks man for your input! I agree with you and while I'm there, that's definitely something I could do. I have been thinking about it... But I did ended up getting a 02A with 129km that I pulled from a b3 with everything needed for the conversion for a very decent price since I had to do the removal... I made the decision to go that way because there's a lot I want to do on the car, not that it needs it really but I want a prestine one... So I'm thinking of putting everything back oem+ over a year or so. I'll drive and enjoy it for a while and in a few years I would like to do a R32 swap with the updated transmission and everything needed to. Choose your battles they say, so knowing where I'll go in a few years I've opted for a more straightforward budget friendly on the transmission setup. I will be installing short shift and metal gear selector from Grüvenparts though.

Have a good weekend cheers JF
Mk3 Dubz for sale / Re: WTB: 1993-1999 MK3 VW Golf CL or GL
« Last post by Stephan Schmidt on Oct 19, 19, 08:00 »

His design philosophy focused on cars with light weight and fine handling instead of bulking up on horsepower and spring rates, which he famously summarised as "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere." - Colin Chapman
Mk2 Parts / Re: WTB Corrado Cluster for G60 [digital]
« Last post by T~Roc on Oct 18, 19, 20:00 »
PM'd ya
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