Vancouver Island Motor Gathering - Aug. 16 2015

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For the past several years, we at the GAIN Dealer Group have had the unique opportunity to work with various local car clubs on the island.  This year, in support of the Children's Health Foundation, the David Foster Foundation and the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation, the 2015 Motor Gathering will strive to highlight these local clubs even more by increasing the exposure and visibility of these local clubs to all enthusiasts in the community.  We will be working with various local clubs on the island to put on one spectacular show!
We have even arranged to drive as a convoy to the car show to highlight the cars within the community and bring more awareness to these amazing collectors and their cars.  If you are a part of a local club that would like to be involved with us this year, we would love to have you! Everyone is welcome so please contact us at for more information.

For all you classic car collectors and enthusiasts out there, you will be excited to know that Hagerty Classic Car Insurance will be attending the 2015 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering this year.
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We Live Classics - It's the only thing we do is the slogan they live by so be sure to come by on August 16th between 11 am - 2pm to meet, learn and discover the possibilities. 
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The map promises a pretty nice place to show cars. All paved, with watered lawns surrounding. No dust, no dirt. Kids zone in a separate building, shaded and supervised. Nice photogenic archway on the way in so every car gets a nice picture with the event signage. Quality Foods food court on the grass.
Vintage airplanes will also be set up on display. 
Volkswagen Victoria  3329 Douglas St.  Victoria BC  V8Z3L2
p 250.475.2415  f 250.475.1020  direct 250.381.4331


Special Announcement!
There are a few reasons why we are excited to host the annual Motor Gathering here on Vancouver Island.
First of all, we would like to organize a great event that raises funds for deserving charities in our communities.
Secondly moving forward, we would like to establish this event as the premier collector car show in western
Canada and encourage people to go after their passion owning and restoring a collectable automobile.
As the first step in establishing the annual Vancouver Island Motor Gathering for collectable automobiles and
motorcycles as one of the premier events in Western Canada, we will introduce for the first time ever a purse for
the category winners and for the best in show.
The award winners in each category will receive a $500* while the best in show will win $1,000, sponsored and
funded by the GAIN Dealer Group. Those funds are awarded together with the winning trophy and it will reward
those individuals for the countless hours of restoration and preparation for events like this.
We wish all entrants the best of success and can't wait to see the winning cars at the
2015 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering.

*A minimum standard applies for all category winners: The winning cars must drive and run well, but might have some incorrect parts. These cars are ready
for a long tour without excuses, and the casual passerby will not find any visual flaws. "Good" is the one word description that will represent the minimum
standard required of the winning vehicles. Please note we reserve the right to not award a winner within a specific category if they do not fit within these
standards. For example, if there is only one car in the category, it does not make that entrant the automatic winner. The vehicle will still be required to have
the applicable criteria in order to qualify and win.
Volkswagen Victoria  3329 Douglas St.  Victoria BC  V8Z3L2
p 250.475.2415  f 250.475.1020  direct 250.381.4331


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