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Started by newrideEra, Mar 11, 22, 20:14

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Mar 11, 22, 20:14 Last Edit: Mar 12, 22, 08:46 by newrideEra
looking for a direction ...was driving today and a good chunk of my electronics turned off in my gti ... brakes lights stay on  and windows go down ... just no horn or power for headlights and turn signals and no power to my deck for music and sound and no ac or heat or fan working. I can't figure it out ... I was going to check out the wiring that comes from the alternator if wiring is loose .. but this has happened twice ... once when we had that dump of snow earlier when I thought it was just to cold and froze some wiring ... and this morning when I was driving to work ... any ideas are helpful as I do need my car for the daily and not having signals and lights could pose a danger ... and no check engine light on either

I would use my hand signals to turn but not sure if people know what those are today  :stupid:

anyways.. thanks guys  :thumbup:

btw .. mk4 20th gti


I can't offer much help as I don't know a thing about mk4's, but I found this thread on vwvortex that fits your description, hopefully it helps! https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/intermittent-lose-of-all-electrical.7391017/