FS: 2000 Audi A4 1.8t quattro, 180k, black, 5spd, stage 2 ecu. Updated price.

Started by dubbiedubberson, Feb 19, 20, 01:51

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The time has come to put the B5 up for sale, not entirely by choice :P
I've had this car for about 5 years and put an insane amount of work and money into it, lots of maintenance and lots of custom work.
2000, black, 5spd, quattro, 1.8t ATW engine, stage 1 tune, rebuilt turbo, full leather interior with B5 S4 heated power seats custom installed. huge sound system, double din touch screen in dash. Mercedes AGM 17" rims/falken tires, 2 extra sets of wheels and extra set of snow tires, bentley manual, etc etc.

List of some of the maintenance work done since I bought it:

March 2015 159k
-timing belt (oem parts)
  -idler pulley
-A/C belt
-power steering belt
-alternator belt
Full coolant flush with G12

April 2015 160k
-front upper control arms left and right, front and back (lemfoerder brand)
-Zimmerman brake rotors
-TRW pads

May 2015
-replaced hoses to/from n75

June 2015 160k
-front lower control arms left and right (lemfoerder/trw brand)
Full 4 wheel alignment done

August 2015 162k
Replaced spark plugs
-NGK copper bkr6e

October 2015 164k
-replaced front sway bar end links (lemfoerder brand)

August 2017
-Installed Rebuilt turbo, replaced all oil and coolant gaskets and lines for turbo feeds, replaced o2 sensors
-installed brand new exhaust downipe with gaskets

Updated price


Big price update. Dropping it from $5000 down to $3000

Front driver side outer cv joint is broken, windshield is also cracked and needs replacing. Selling as is. Need it gone ASAP.  Just spent $800 on a new rear wheel bearing and 4 wheel alignment this year.