2005.5 A4 Avant 3.2L Quattro (B7)

Started by Peter, Jul 19, 19, 22:40

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Hi guys,
Not really sure what this is worth.
Please let me know what you think.

2005.5 b7 A4  Avant Quattro with 3.2l
Dark grey metalic with black leather
21X, 000 kms
S-line frt bumper, door blades, rear roof spoiler, rear valence,
red stitched sterring wheel. silver trim
adaptive hids, sunroof, automatic, heated frt and rear seats, a/c,
summer and winter wheels/tires, wheel spacers in the back
roof box, bike rack, hitch

Everything works in the interior and electronicaly.
a/c's good, quattro, engine seem fine.
good seats, weather tech floor mats and trunk liner.
usb port and headphone jack for oem headunit.

But heres the bad,
on its latest trip home the brakes seemed to go, now its sitting parked and the pedal goes to the floor.
fluid was low, topped it up, no difference. I have no idea.

I know it needs a front left caliper and an all around brake job.
I believe it needs control arms in the rt rear, it clunks when the load shifts frt to back.
air bag liight due to wire under drivers seat. had it fixed, came on again for same reason. needs to be resoldered and code cleared.

i had the valve cover gaskets and some others replaced last year. it still leaks a bit.
I had the drive shaft replaced last year.
new windshield recently.

Its originally an Ontario car.
brought it with me when i moved back here in 2013. i bought it there in 2011

It has a few rust spots and flaked paint, not tooo bad
It has dents here and there, lots of scuffs etc.
Its 13 years old and went snowboarding and camping with a family.

Would anyone like to come take it away, i pick up a new car next week.

$????.?? (offers allowed?) or $100, 000? (please lowball)   

Its either going to the wholesaler, someone here, or donated for a tax write off.  :laugh:
make an offer,

Thanks  everyone


Sounds like an interesting car.  Automatic?
Kiełbasa > Kolbasz


lol. forums are slow these days, wow

last chance, going to see a new car tomorrow.




ok, when i get home tonight I'll do that.


There you go, pics!
(apologies for the dirty car and low quality, busy times)
the other set of rims are the standard split 5 spokes, and they're all curbed with inside wear on the snow tires.
these are rs reps iirc and have very good condition summer tires. nitto n1000 iirc


lol, also, anyone want to buy a ruckus?