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Started by LiamA, Jan 03, 17, 19:42

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Hey everyone, looking for some input and advice on my car. It's a 2006 Jetta TDI DSG. Fully loaded minus nav. 200k on the clock.

Long story short, VW determined my Mechatronic Unit has failed and I need a new one. Is there anyone that sells these units besides VW? I'd prefer to avoid paying dealer prices. Additionally, can a used unit be used from another car? Does it just need to be flashed for my car?

Lastly, what would I get for the car if I sold it as is with a bad mechatronic unit?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I don't think you will find someone who will sell you the Mechatronic alone unless it's new.  How much is it from the dealer ?

I've got a good used transmission I could sell you with the mechatronics included
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HPA might have a Mechantronic they can sell,  they had extra's at one point in time.

I've seen them for sale before but if its getting shipped watch out, there is a long arm that is plastic that can break oh so easily during shipping.  The proper box or one made to work like it is pretty much required.

You can use just about any mechatronic,  it just needs to be flashed for your gear ratio/software.   They are all the same, there are different generations but they are interchangeable.  Cxx Exx and Fxx.   Yours would have had a CXX and actually getting an E or an F should be an upgrade.


Thanks for the responses guys, very helpful info! AirCooled I pm'd you.


Quote from: LiamA on Jan 04, 17, 17:50
Thanks for the responses guys, very helpful info! AirCooled I pm'd you.

Supposedly there is a company that will fix them if you send it to them. There is one in the UK and MAYBE?! one in the states, someone like 83redroc may have more knowledge on the subject.

Also the mechatronics units from VW are shipped in a large wooden crate to protect them as they are very sensitive.
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Other issue is fluid leaking, if you have anything at all leak they will stop it mid shipment. Probably cheaper to find a used trans.