MK5 Rabbit RPM Drop

Started by Tooly, May 25, 16, 20:50

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Car is a 2008 Rabbit 2.5L 5spd. Turned the AC on today for probably the second time this year and a few minutes later while cruising at about 60km/h the RPM's suddenly dropped and then picked back up again. Almost as if the car was about to stall and then the RPM's returned to normal on their own. Surprised me at first and then it happened again. Thought it might be related to the AC so I turned it off and it did not happen again. I scanned the car with my VCDS but there were no fault codes and the CEL did not come on at all when this happened. Looked under the hood but everything seems fine, no loose connectors or battery connections.

Just a coincidence that the AC was on when it happened or could something in the AC system be the cause? I changed the fuel filter about 2 weeks and 500km ago so if that was the issue I would think any symptom would have presented itself by now or be happening more consistently.


A/C puts more load on the alternator, I would start with testing it.


Ended up being the crank position sensor. Swapped it out and everything was back to normal. I guess the a/c being on was just a coincidence.