FS: (one) stoptech st40 b8 a4 bbk

Started by Cwardley, Jan 27, 22, 22:20

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First post here so little bit of a nubie haha...

Ive got a pair of stoptech st-40 calipers, b8 a4 brackets and rotor hats for 332x32 (83.119.4600 is the kit #) ..got them thinking theyd fit my sportwagen using different brackets but alas there isnt a way to make them fit sadly because of the 32mm width. Anyways.. overall calipers are in great condition and move freely. I have the brackets for the b8 chassis audis and the rotor hats. To complete the kit two 332x32 rotor rings, pads and stainless steel lines would be required. kit retails at over 4k. rings are around 800 cad pads 150ish and lines around 100. asking 1200 obo