Job Opening at Malone Tuning (Sales / Support)

Started by malone, Jun 01, 19, 16:05

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Jun 01, 19, 16:05 Last Edit: Apr 19, 22, 19:53 by malone
We are looking for someone who can work at our new location in Cloverdale (Surrey) BC.

Our business have been going for 15 years and still growing. We opened another position to accommodate our growing workload.

We need someone with good communication skills, good written English, and is comfortable with handling lots of e-mails.

You'll need to be able to learn the technical details of some vehicles, especially TDIs, so that you can give people educated answers on our tuning options. This can be an on-the-job learning process.

The wage depends significantly on your experience and any additional skills that you may have.

** Our positions are currently full **



Malone did you ever find someone?

I'm sure Al Canuck could use the gig.

Tune my 06 tdi for cheap. Cmoooooon
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Hey! Our positions are full at the moment. Thanks for checking in.