Dubberz Exclusive Maintenance Specials?

Started by Tooly, Nov 27, 16, 19:55

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Wondering if the service specials mentioned in the banners here are still valid? If I click through they said they expire May 31st 2016....

Looking to get a brake fluid flush, coolant flush and alignment done on my '08 Rabbit. I saw on your website you currently have a special on coolant flushes.



Here is the pricing we have for what you've requested.  Note that Dubberz members receive an additional 10% off of any service or part that is not included in a current promotion.

Brake Fluid flush - $95.95 - 10% = $86.36
Coolant flush - $129.95 SALE (till Dec. 31, 2016)
4 Wheel Alignment - $129.95 - 10% = $116.96

Good eye with the banner sale date not being valid  :thumbup:  I'll let our service manager know about it, however we'd still honor the pricing as it was advertised.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!



Great, thanks Stephen! I'll be calling to book an appointment, do I bring up the Dubberz discount when paying the bill or before hand?