Recommend shop near Bellingham/blaine

Started by wbean, Sep 20, 10, 12:19

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Quote from: wbean on Sep 28, 10, 20:11
Hey Kendall,

Some places do.  Take a look at rpi and various other retailers.  

Just say for example, a BSH catch can kit can be had for on the forum sponsors for $255-285 USD for a golf mkv.  Rather our local prices will range from $315-390 CAD + 12% tax
(TSI 2.0T)
This is not shift autosport's prices.  These are prices from other retailers

No I agree your prices are very reasonable.  I'm sorry if I offended you through the content of this thread.  

I simply requested other's opinions on a good shop in seattle.  I did not start the thread intending to talk down on any of the shops around vancouver.

I for one purchased several big items in vancouver (intake/coilovers/wheels, etc).  

I feel like i'm basically kicking myself out of the local shops by speaking more.  


Actually RPI's pricing on the website are somewhat similar +- 10-30 bucks on small items though.


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Have used John's repair in fairhaven/bham
And especially like nate in annacortes..20 minutes south ..provolks...has a great website
2 cents...rounded off...0..


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.....somethings never change...and those who don't know about nate at Provokes....should