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Bandai Namco is not giving up with Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, quite the contrary since the publisher is putting the forms on the occasion of the launch of Season Pass 5, Legacy, which obviously falls while the game is now accessible by all PlayStation Plus subscribers (cards are sold on Amazon). And for once, the trailer used to show in action the new playable character added today is quite worked, it must be said that it also serves to introduce other novelties and to teaser future fighters whose simple appearance should appeal to Boruto fans.

As already announced, it is therefore Madara Uchiha (Six Paths) who inaugurates this Season 5. In addition to his techniques Unleashing Lightning Inton (Senpō Inton Raiha) and Diving into Limbo (Rinbo Hengoku), his ultimate ability is therefore well the Divine Birth of a World of Trees (Shin jukai kōtan) initiated by the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Season Pass 5 buyers will therefore be able to have their avatar learn these attacks in addition to benefiting from cosmetic content to look like this Madara, with the Rasengan Unison (Tsurane) as a bonus. The internship renovation is quickly shown.

But the most exciting thing is, without a doubt, the teasing of the last two characters who will be released this winter, namely Naruto (Baryon Mode), a transformation that appeared in Boruto facing the second arrival of the day, Isshiki Ōtsutsuki in the body from Jigen. It remains to be seen what they will look like in-game.

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Lordco / Re: Want your car featured??
Last post by ring54 - Jun 14, 22, 21:27
Not sure if its very flyer worthy, but here's a couple pics of my '92 GTX  :)

Misc. Classifieds / Lost Ark Gaining Rapport With ...
Last post by Skyzhay - Jun 13, 22, 23:52

The Adventurer's Tome keeps track of all these collections. This keeps the exploration interesting allows players to find rare monsters, and keeps minds active instead of just slogging through game experience. The task of finding all Mokobo seeds found in Lakebar could sound like a burden but it's actually a great part of the leveling journey.

Lost Ark Gaining Rapport With Thunder

The majority of the day-to-day tasks that are performed in Lost Ark are a riot. Instead of doing collection missions or boring tasks players are assigned dungeons they need to beat. There are dailies to do as a group or on your own that are fun. However, that enjoyment comes to a standstill when people are not able to complete assignments.

In the end, players seek to build a strong relationship with the NPCs that are in the game. This means visiting each one, offering gifts in exchange for emotes, or playing music. It's busywork that is severely off-putting in a sport that is in constant awareness that work is not done.

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Deadeye - Jump shots taken while the defender is closing out will not be penalized from a shot contest. Sniper : Jump shots taken that are slightly late/early will be rewarded, however, late or early shots will be penalized more severely.

Green Machine - This badge offers the player a greater chance of obtaining Perfect and Excellent release in the event that the player repeatedly hits Excellent releases. Blinders: Jump shots that are taken in the presence of defenders that are closing from their peripheral view will get a less severe penalty.

Posterizer increases the likelihood of landing one on the player's opponent within NBA 2k22. Slithery Finisher increases the ability of players to move through traffic , and avoid contact during gathers and finishes at the court's rim.

Fearless Finisher - Strengthens player's ability to take on contact while still finishing. It also helps reduce the amount of energy lost by contact layups. Fast Twitch badge reduces the time the player takes to complete the layup or to dunk around the rim.

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In order to make things easier for beginner players The suggested Focuses are set and do not require players are required to develop or study. To build a stronger defense, you need to take the time to look over all of these defensive strategies and determine the top-rated players of your opponent represent the biggest threat to your offense.

There are numerous Madden NFL 22 offensive Focuses are focused on the type of offense that the opponent is good in stopping and not on the tactics they're likely use. Although it is likely that your opponent will utilize strategies to defend well but players should be aware of the areas they are able to do and weak in prior to the time. It is possible to identify which games their opponents are most likely to utilize when playing First and Medium, Second and Long, Second and Long, and the third and Long. The new features available on Offensive Game Plans in Madden NFL 22's Franchise mode could aid in creating a strong offense with the elements that can cause a shock to your opponents and expose their weaknesses in defense.

Madden NFL 22 Review: Small Improvements across The Board

Every year EA is faced with the task to improve on a game that is loved by fans while creating new ways for them to appreciate it. Every year isn't perfect in this regard, but Madden NFL 22 offers strides towards the right direction in virtually every mode. It's not a complete overhaul of the wheel, but little improvements can make for an enjoyable game with promising future possibilities.

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Lordco / Want your car featured??
Last post by lordco_imports - Jun 09, 22, 14:48
We are going to be making a flyer highlighting some of our Import lines and parts we carry at Lordco! If you want a a chance to have your VW or Audi featured in the flyer post up a picture of your car!

We look forward to seeing your cars  :thumbup:
Mk4 Dubz for sale / Selling 20th Anniversary
Last post by davemaritz - Jun 07, 22, 20:46
Sadly selling my 20th due to myself getting a newer vehicle. Very rare edition to the Mk 4 VW family. I would have kept this car for a much longer time but unfortunately I dont have room for it. Since my ownership I have meticulously taken care of this car and have kept most of it stock while the upgrades I did are listed below and all receipts kept. I have put on roughly 60000kms on this car and I drive 90% highways.

Car Details:
6 speed manual transmission
Stage 1 Tuning
1.8 liter
20th Anniversary body
All black interior
Recaro racing seats
18in rims
Depo Projector headlights
New clutch with conversion kit (222000kms)
Kenwood media with bluetooth
Roof rack included
All lighting upgraded to LEDs
All new break pads front and rear with new rear calipers (less than 200kms)

Feel free to text if you have questions or are interested.
$11000 OBO
5x112 Wheels / FS rims and tires 2018 tiquan
Last post by Gettatdi - May 26, 22, 17:10
Im selling my stock rims amd tires for a 2018 tiquan im not sure where to post them with pictures and price
All About Audi / Re: Body shops on the island
Last post by Parts - May 13, 22, 09:37
The Island's a big place. Where you located?
You looking for a "restoration shop" or "collision repair"? Most body shops do collision repair, because that's where the money is. Rust repair is not gravy work, but there are still shops that will do it.
Lordco / Motul oil on special!
Last post by lordco_imports - May 12, 22, 14:42
Until the end of June we have an end cap promotion on Motul motor oil for your VAG/European vehicles at Lordco!

Motul Specific 508 00 / 509 00 SAE 0W20 5L $69.99

Motul 8100 X-cessgen2 502 00 / 505 00 SAE 5W40 5L $49.99

Motul has OEM approvals that many other oil company's do not provide.

Post a picture of your Motul oil purchase from Lordco and tag @lordcoparts and @dubberz on instagram or facebook and we will give you a Motul sticker pack!

If you dont have social media you can post it on this thread  :grin:

Also remember to grab your Mann-Filter oil filter while you are at a Lordco picking up your oil!  :thumbup: