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Hello to all,

As we are coming near to the end of the year, it is that time of the season where we announce our annual Christmas Toy Drive on Dubberz.  This year, we are having the event on Sunday December 9th.  More details to follow, as I am looking at doing the same route from last year to go for this year.

For those who are new to Dubberz and are wondering what this event is all about, over the years, this event has one specific purpose: to give the spirit of Christmas to those that are in need of help for the holiday season!  Over the years, we have been selecting the Langley Christmas Bureau as our destination, since out of the Bureaus around the Lower Mainland, Langley has been the lowest in terms of registration of families that need our help.  If there's a different bureau that you want us to go for, or if we should go as a whole to a bigger place like the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, please let me know and I will be happy to reach out and make things happen!

If there's any sponsorship that groups / individuals / shops would like to participate, please feel free to send me a email (or a direct message here) to 

Further details will be posted later on, but at least I wanted to notify all that this cruise will go on, whether we have rain / snow / etc.
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Re: 2018 Christmas Toy Drive - Sunday December 9th
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I'll be around and looking forward to some more info!


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Re: 2018 Christmas Toy Drive - Sunday December 9th
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Iíll be there. I missed last year
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