Author Topic: VW Momo hubs for sale  (Read 889 times)

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VW Momo hubs for sale
« on: Jan 13, 17, 14:07 »
Hey guys. Not a vw guy here but I came in to the possession of some Momo hubs for some different VWs. They are just taking up space so as cool as the boxes are I am trying to sell them

Here are my craigslist ads if you are interested

So one for a range of audis, Vws, porsche, and another for I think just VW Vanagons. I also have one for 74 and previous cars. That one is not advertised yet because of a story I wont bore you with...

Momo numbers are 8010 and 8012. You can look up the numbers here to see if they fit your car

Anyway tell me if you are interested. Message me here or follow the craigslist ad for a phone number or email


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