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1975 super beetle
« on: Jun 02, 16, 17:47 »
I'm selling my 1975 super beetle just because I want to move on to an older beetle!

The car is in great running condition and drives amazing. It's fitted with a 1600cc fuel injected motor that has had a pretty fresh rebuild on it. The car is lowered on coils. It also comes with after market rims and basically new rubber. In the middle of May I bought a new battery and replaced to tie rod, the service featured a full inspection and everything checked out. The paint is fairly new but does have a few chips and very minor scratches. All of the body metal is new( floor pans, fenders, etc.) most of the seals everywhere on the car are pretty new as well.

There isn't really any cons other than the interior isn't finished. There isnt any carpet in the front so it looks like tin foil with the insulation that was put in. The only other thing would be that the sun roof doesn't work but I did prep it for being fixed. All it needs is new cables and it will be ready to go. The sunroof is closed so you don't have to worry about water getting in.

Thanks for reading, make me an offer! I can't get pictures on here but pm me and I'll send you pictures if you're interested

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