Author Topic: Clay Bars... What are you using and where you getting it from?  (Read 1340 times)

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Haven't really gotten into detailing as I haven't had a car with nice enough body work to worry about until now. The UrS6 has pretty fair paint with the odd rock chip or small scratch. Going to be washing the car in the next day or two and thought about getting a clay bar. I doubt the car has ever been clay barred so I'm expecting a ton of grime to come off.

Whereabouts do you folks get your clay bars and is there a specific brand you prefer?
Hoping to find somewhere local to pop in and just pick one up as I don't have a ton of time to wait to ship one in.

I'm on the island if that changes things
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Good topic


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eBay lol


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Mothers at canadian tire (comes with the lubricant and microfiber towel). Wall Mart might have it too.


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Canadian Tire, either Mothers or Meguires

I believe the Meguires one comes with two pieces or clay, and a box to put them in after so they dont dry out
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