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This isn't mine but thought it would be interesting to some on here.

I followed this original build when it was completed a few years back.  Crazy work.



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Dave's a solid dude, and that car is absolutely stunning in person. Has yet to hook up well at the track but he's aiming for 10s this year. He's the owner of  where all the east coasters hang out, some crazy builds on there.  If you ever get the chance hit up MVOC, it's the largest show east of Montreal.  That thread hasn't been updated in a bit ;)  but he's kind of busy building everybody elses' cars.

Jeffy (platinumdub) should have a 500awhp GTi mk2 going this summer. He's probably the most crazy of the lot. Running mk4 everything (suspension, harnesses no lift shifting traction control etc etc) except the dash, Gt3073 hybrid and so on

This beast is running twin K29s with modern internals and aiming for 550whp

Where's all the west coast builds?  :stupid:
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Grew up on the East coast, from NS and lived in NB for 15 years prior to moving here.  :-)