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1986 Audi Coupe GT Parts Car - $2500
« on: Feb 18, 17, 10:02 »

I have a 1986 Audi Coupe GT that I'm looking to sell as a whole parts car. Car was taken off the road in 2014 due to being rear-ended. Got it back from ICBC. Would have had to get it inspected and then plan was to get it re-registered and back on the road. Damage was extremely minimal. Front core support very slightly pushed back towards engine. There is no interference with the belt cover. Rear bumper cover did come off during accident and clips broke off so it will not stay on car properly. Engine still ran up until two months ago due to a wiring issue at the battery. Need to get a new terminal end and it should be good. Interior is partially disassembled as I was in the process of stripping some wiring for a sub-woofer as well as an aftermarket alarm system. Driver's side door card has been removed in an attempt to rebuild the power window regulator. The cable had frayed. Repair attempt was partially completed using machined brass alloy cable ends. All glass is good. Front fascia is currently disassembled as I was going to attempt to rebuild spare set of H1/H4 Euro headlights. Recent work included a new fuel pump and a new OEM front passenger side CV joint and ball joint on same side. There may be more info that I'm currently forgetting. Also have a list of parts that I would be willing to include if I get the asking price. Many good parts here for a future turbo swap and also some rare/hard to find UrQuattro parts as well.

Parts that would be included:
UrQ Parts (downpipe that has been cut, Igloo, Fuel Distributor with lines, Airbox)
MC1 Red Wiring harness (Labelled)
1986 Audi 5KCSTQ Ignition Coil
Crankshaft Pulse Sender
UrQ Airbox Top w/ Dizzy
Metal Airbox Bottom (UrQ)
UrQ Igloo
Plastic Airbox Bottom
1986 Audi 5KQT Intercooler
Audi 200 Air Cleaner Assembly
New CGT/UrQ OEM Swaybar Link Kit
Jamex Strut Bar
Bilzcat Short Shift Kit
Two Sets of UrQ Euro H1/H4 Headlights
New OEM Stabilizer Link & Bushing Kit
Firewall Support Brace
Used Spare Window Regulators
Used Fuel Sender
K26 Turbo
4x108 Audi 90Q Fuchs
Plus potential other parts.
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Re: 1986 Audi Coupe GT Parts Car - $2500
« Reply #1 on: Feb 20, 17, 09:40 »
SOLD ... working out details on bringing it back!!!