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Maxton Design Group Buy
« on: Apr 24, 19, 20:08 »
Hey everyone.

As the title suggest, Maxton Design ( has agreed to offer a limited time group buy option for their VAG products. This deal is towards any VW and Audi merchandise currently on their website.  The deal consist of a discount applied towards the purchase price of your item(s) based on the total number of orders they receive.

I had this up on Vortex but was unaware of their forum rules. So instead I've grouped with the Vancouver Audi Club to do a BC/Lower Mainland group buy and so far already have 5 people.

Heres the breakdown:
5-10 orders; group receives a 10% discount
11-15 orders; group receives a 15% discount
16+ orders; group receives a 20% discount

$100 deposit will be required, payable to Maxton Design


1. PM me.  Let me know, i'll add your name to an updated list so others know what percent discount will be applied.

2. Then email the following information to Abdulla over at (
name: _____________
phone number: ______________
email address: ______________
shipping address: ______________
part(s) to purchase: _______________ (dont forget to include what finish)

3. Once number is confirmed, individual invoices will be sent out with the discount applied. Remaining balance will be due prior to shipping.

Combined shipping available for Lower Mainland group as well.

Group buy start date is April 19th.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me or contact Abdulla over at Maxton.


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Re: Maxton Design Group Buy
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 19, 21:54 »
how many in now?