Author Topic: B8.5 RS5 - Experiences, Opinions, Thoughts?  (Read 1405 times)

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B8.5 RS5 - Experiences, Opinions, Thoughts?
« on: Aug 07, 18, 12:28 »
So currently in the market for an RS5... been obsessed with the RS line since I was young and in a position now where I can treat myself to one. Hoping that there is someone on the forums that has experience with the RS5. Also welcoming any opinions on the RS5 vs. the S5 and tuning/mods... but here are the primary reasons I am swaying the way I am:

1) Soundtrack - Just can't get away from how amazing that V8 soundtrack is
2) Redline - I love the fact that it just keeps pulling and pulling once you get higher up in the revs - anything over about 4000 seems to be within power band
3) Looks & Design - I absolutely love the aggressive yet sexy, sleek design of the RS5. Granted the S5 is very similar and I am sure you could make it a near replica... but some simple aspects just can't get away from

Again, wide open to any opinions and thoughts, any experiences and even known issues with the RS5. I do like that it is naturally aspirated too to take away from one more possible issue being the forced induction.

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Re: B8.5 RS5 - Experiences, Opinions, Thoughts?
« Reply #1 on: Aug 07, 18, 16:47 »
It's sweet, if you can afford the car then why not?

S5 with 4.2L is garbage.
S5 with 3.0T is good and makes very good power with very simple mods but it ain't wide.
RS5 is awesome but no real tuning for it.
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Re: B8.5 RS5 - Experiences, Opinions, Thoughts?
« Reply #2 on: Aug 21, 18, 21:57 »
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