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aircooled engine build
« on: Jul 17, 13, 19:27 »
hey everyone, so i let a buddy drive my bug and well pushin it a bit to hard when i told him not to and blew the engine, long story short i need to build up a new one,

it's a 1600dp bus motor so early 70's stock with a single downdraft carb and a full bugpack header/exhaust

plans for it are open just absolutely have no clue where to start. ( i've built engines before but all v8's )

i have a weber 32/36 with manifold, and type 2 dual bus carbs, but their are those dellorto DRLA 45's in the for sale forum but are dual carbs reliable

don't know exactly what to build, but thoughts are a 1641 to keep the barrels thick, or a turbo ?
my price range is around 1000$ i've read and that should be enough but just don't know what builds to do it will be a daily driven vehicle but want it to be reliable but have a little more pep than stock

california import has the stock stroke rebuild kits for sale for about 600 bucks i can have a full forged rotating assembly, but have bought stuff previously and have not had good luck, anyone know the quality of the pistons, barrels etc.

what i really need is some people that have build them in the past and know whats reliable and what works off hand,

if anyone could help that would be really appreciated!!


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Re: aircooled engine build
« Reply #1 on: Jul 18, 13, 09:29 »
Your Weber 32/36 should work great with a 1600/1641. Even up to a 1776, with proper jetting. Those 45 DRLAs would be better suited for 1835cc and up. The bigger you go, the less life-span your gonna have. Beware the Chinese engine products, although sometimes there's no other option. Wait 'til the GCVWS, there's bound to be tons of good parts, or even a complete mill to be had.
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