High gas prices have you down...

Started by zagarus, May 30, 07, 17:59

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Then get one of these  :lol: :lol:

Thats the local traffic around here haha

Sleeperness :wub:

All painted up now

Am i missing something lol?  noooooope

The new badge  ^_^

Those rotors rust fuckin fast after gettin wet

Well thats where me car stands at the moment, thanks for looking.  :drunk:
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sick ride man, im loving the look.

special K


well done sir, your car is dope.  :thumbup:
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What FMIC is that, and where'd ya get it?


diesel + white = showroom nightmare

I love the car man, i wish i had picked up an alpine mk2 again. Favourite colour and look of the mk2's ESPECIALLY with the big bumpers.
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dan said:
i wouldn't doubt that the mods have the site set up to email them when you post

16v of fury

Yeah man that is a TIDY TD...

straight piped FTW!!

Not worth it, that would be like getting arrested for assaulting a mentally handicapped paraplegic becuase he threw first punch


i got the seal of approval from a fellow vw enthusiast who got to drive my car...not that i needed his approval but it helps  :lol:
1992 Jetta Coupe 1.9TD rebuild (For Sale)
1996 Subaru WRX STI Wagon


mmm kleen, all your work's paid off. can't wait to see it in person, only a couple weeks and I'll be good for a road trip. okvw gtg?

btw I'm coveting yr seats...
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