Author Topic: B6/B7 S4 Avant?  (Read 1920 times)

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B6/B7 S4 Avant?
« on: Jan 07, 14, 14:11 »
I'm toying with the idea of replacing my current daddy mobile with something a little quicker... I've got a couple questions for those in the know that I wasn't able to figure out on the interwebs.

First, am I correct that there isn't a huge difference mechanically between the B6 and B7? Seems like they switched pretty quickly on these ones... if there are any noted issues what are they? Same 4.2L V8 I figure?

Any noted issues in regards to either the auto or 6-speed?

Thanks all, any other glaring mechanical issues would be nice to know as well.

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Re: B6/B7 S4 Avant?
« Reply #1 on: Jan 07, 14, 16:16 »
B6/B7 are basically the same car with different sheet metal. Motor is the same etc. Most audi enthusiast sites put those in the same forum because most of it is so close. 
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Re: B6/B7 S4 Avant?
« Reply #2 on: Jan 23, 14, 23:48 »
- The later B7 got the rear biased Torsen T3 centre differential which defaults to 40:60 (front:rear) and can send up to 80:20 or 0:100 when needed. I forgot the year when they did this, but it should be either 06 or 07.
- Better flywheel in the B7 if you're getting a stick.
- Newer ESP, which most people can care less about.

B6 and B7 are both great cars. Things to watch out for:
- Valve train noise and timing chain guide problem, oil consumption from worn or scorched cylinder walls, these problems. These problems might call for an engine replacement.
- The tiptronic is a ZF 6-speed. Because Audi claims that the ATF is good for life, rarely do people change the fluid. There's no such a thing as lifetime ATF. If you're getting a manual, worry about the flywheel.
- As these cars are getting older, pay extra attention to oil leak (especially from valve cover gaskets), HVAC, power window regulators, power steering rack/pump.
- Get a leak down or compression test done!


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Re: B6/B7 S4 Avant?
« Reply #3 on: Feb 04, 14, 10:19 »
Nice thanks! The one I'm after only has 17,000 original miles and has been taken care of by a true enthusiast. May be a new addition to my family come May!
07' S4 Avant, 6-speed, full of JHM goodies.


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Re: B6/B7 S4 Avant?
« Reply #4 on: Feb 23, 14, 10:00 »
Geeze! If you don't want it or for some reason he needs it sold before you can buy it, let me know!
I've been looking for a low km one for so long.